Are you Operating from a Gray Area in your Business?

I often see clients operating their business from a gray area where they are over delivering and burning themselves out in the process – all because they do not have a written contract defining their scope of services and the time commitment to each client.

I recently had a new client, Jane, a design consultant, who has been in business for about 8 years. Jane contacted me after reading my previous blog to find out if she needed to have a written contract for her clients.

Jane felt that she was constantly overworking herself to meet her clients’ expectations. She did not set out the scope of her services with her clients and experienced guilt every time a client said that she did not meet their expectations. So Jane ended up giving discounts to her clients if she was unable to meet their expectations. She set herself up in this situation every time by not discussing her client’s expectations and not putting down the scope of her services in writing.

Eventually, Jane’s health started to suffer and she got to a point where she was no longer enjoying her work. She even considered taking a break from her business. After an initial consultation with Jane, we determined that the reason she was feeling the guilt around not doing enough for her clients was because she did not discuss or set out in writing, the time she would commit to her clients and the services she would deliver for the price paid by them.

Jane now has a written contract defining the scope of her services, hours spent on each service, terms of payment and events for termination. She is no longer operating from an indefinite area. Her clients know exactly what they will get from Jane if they engage her services.

Are you operating from a gray area in your business? If you are, you now know that there is a solution for you. Please reach out to us to discuss how you can get out of a situation where you are delivering more than you should. 

Call us at 646-820-1366 or email us at I am happy to have a complimentary conversation with you on how to maintain transparency with your clients regarding your services.   

Working with an attorney to set up contracts can help alleviate the stress involved in delivering services/products to clients. Nupur Shah Law can help you if you have questions about business contracts.

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